Saturday, 29 December 2012

Post Christmas

Ok so Christmas is now done. Had a nice couple of days at home with my family, and my girlfriend came with me too which was nice. Got to see all my family who I don't get to see very often so it was great to go home.
Got a few neat presents too, got a new watch from my girlfriend. Love it, its all black and its a big fat black leather strap. looks sick. From my parents I got a new video camera so I'm going to start video recording all my personal sessions, recording the sessions I do with others and start putting myself out there on youtube. Might start video blogging on there too if it starts to go well.

In training news, I've now tested all my stuff for my 5/3/1 programme, and I'm ready to start on monday (New Years Eve). So within 2013 I'm looking to get into the best shape of my life and be stronger than I've ever been. Can't wait either its going to be awesome. Within 3 months of being on 5/3/1 I should be hitting regular personal bests. FANTASTIC!!!

So watch this space for news about my new big lifts

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Deadlift Testing

Today I carried on my testing for my upcoming 5/3/1 cycle and my focus was deadlift today. Once again I was training with Lewis and he pushed me hard. I feel like he is helping me massively with developing my strength.
My previous best before today was 200kg, but today I am pleased to report I hit 210kg. very happy with that. I hadn't deadlifted in around 5-6 weeks before this so I'm very happy that I've made deadlift progress off the back of heavy squatting.
Lewis hit 250kg at only 82kg bodyweight. very impressive. We're hoping to both hit 300kg in the future and he is building nicely towards that, and with my new focus solely on strength development I'm hoping to hit the high 200s by the end of 2013.

Last night work was insane again, full of little kids out for a college/sixth form night out. They're a pain in the arse but I don't care as long as I get paid.
Got a nice night away from Worcester tonight, spending the night (hopefully two) in Chirbury with my girlfriend. Always nice to get away.

Til next time.

Monday, 17 December 2012

The Cube Method

I totally forgot to mention, my friend recently purchased the Cube Method by Brandon Lilly (blog found at

I will be reading it over the next few days so will post my feedback.

Have also received the renegade diet too so will read over that and post feedback.

Super Hero Training avi

Christmas Period

Man oh man, work is stressful over the Christmas period. Don't think I've mentioned on here before that I work as a Doorman at two nightclubs (partner clubs) and every year over the weeks leading up to Christmas it gets jam packed full of Holiday Heroes who only ever come out once a year because they feel like they have to to fit in with their work colleagues.
Most of these people are utter arseholes. They come in, forget what normal nightclub ettiquette is and start acting like teenagers. Despite the fact they're normally 40 or 50 years old. Now don't get me wrong I'm not trying to say that they shouldn't be allowed out of their office or home. They are. Obviously. They should just be more aware of the people around them are more respectful of people who work in these establishments.
They seem to think that because they are older that they can do what they want and that they have to right to question everything. They moan about prices (HELLOOOOO!!! ITS CALLED INFLATION!!!) and then they moan if they're asked to leave if they've had too much. Pisses me right off. Get the F*CK off your high horse and learn some God damn manners.

Rant Over.

Now then, I tested my 1RM overhead press today and hit 80kg comfortably but I left it at that because I feel 82.5 would have been a struggle and I want my 5/3/1 to be successful so a low start is obviously no problem.
I also tried out Klokov presses today and they felt bad-ass. As well as Krolowski Rows - a king of upright row/shrug movement. They hit the upper traps insanely well. Gonna be a big part of my new programme. I also did lots of neck harness work today. Good fun.
On Saturday I joined a couple of buddies at the gym. The intention was to train strongman events, I particularly wanted to try the 80kg log but for some bizarre reason the gym owner had got rid of all the equipment earlier than he said he would. So we couldn't do events. Instead I kept it quite light and did assistance (with two heavy sets of grip work holding a 200kg dumbell machine, similar to car deadlift movement, off the floor for as long as possible. I got 48.8s)
The other guys got competitive squatting and deadlifting (on the new machine) and we made a little video that can be found on youtube ...
You don't get to see me lift (unfortunately :( ) but I am in the background here. in the citygym shirt.

So yeah its been a good weekend, and I've got a full week of work ahead so that will be fun filled ...

Wednesday, 12 December 2012


So everyone today, or at least everyone I know, seems to be going crazy over the fact that its 12.12.12 and its the last time that will happen in however long. But in all honesty, it doesn't change anything today except a few people putting on sales. So whats the big deal? I have no idea.

Anyway back to my normal area of topic. So as I said in my last blog (at least I think I did) I have decided to go with getting strong for my next gym venture. So I have been researching strength programmes and I'm going with one I've thought about doing in the past. Jim Wendler's 5/3/1.

I'm really looking forward to starting it, but I've decided to put it off until after Christmas and New Year because the gym closes for a few days over that period, and I'll be getting Merrily Plump along with all my friends as is due at Christmas time.

So 5/3/1 will be starting in January. I can't wait to see what kind of gains I am going to get from it. One of my mates has said he wants to do it with me, how long that will last should be interesting as he's all about aesthetics (He's a roid-head that wants to look like a bodybuilder).

Until then I'm just going to try have some fun with the gym. I'm going to mess about a bit with some strongman stuff this weekend, and during my normal sessions I'm just gonna do whatever the hell I feel like.

In other news, I got a new job the other day. Only a casual one but its something that will bring in a little bit more money and when in you're in the position I am, that is definitely not a bad thing. Plus I've had 2 extra shifts this week than normal.

Things are looking up and I'm loving life.

Thursday, 6 December 2012


So as I've now started really focusing myself towards strength training, todays session was dedicated to upper body. I mentioned in my last blog that I had met an amateur strongman and that I had done some training with him and I am continuing to train with him as I feel that it is going to help me reach my strength goals.
Today we did barbell overhead press. This is an exercise I used to do however recently I have been favouring the behind-neck push press instead. It was quite challenging getting used to the balance of the movement again, epecially as we were doing it strict with no push or jerk from the legs.
I managed to get out 3 reps 75kg which I was pleased with. I know this really isn't a big amount of weight but I'm only starting out so give me a break here.
We worked up gradually to the 75kg.
After this we did some assistance by dropping the weights and did 5 sets of 10 strict with 40kg.
We then did some chin ups. 30 total.
To finish we did some dumbell shrugs but with the addition of Fat Gripz to help work on our grip strength for pulling exercises.

I enjoyed the session. It was good to challenge my body in a new way.

I also went down to a local sports therapy clinic today to get my lower back looked at. In January I injured it quite badly. They thought it was a slipped disc but in the end it was that the entire of my lower back had gone into spasm causing my pelvis to shift which then created a huge amount of tension around the Sciatic nerve. So I still get sciatica from it and recently it has been getting quite bad.
A good 45 minute lower to mid back massage and glute compressions seems to have sorted it for now and I feel fresh and ready to go. I am now not training until Tuesday probably, apart from possibly some light work tomorrow morning on olympic lifting, as I am home for the weekend to see my family. 4 hour drives are fun ...
Plus monday I have an interview for a new job to start earning a little bit more money. Money = good. Missing weights because of it = ...

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Making my decision

In all honesty, I've never blogged before. I've never really kept a diary except when travelling and a diary of some of my training over the last few years. But its something I've thought about doing so why not start now.
A little about me, I'm training to become a Strength and Conditioning Coach, and I've played Rugby Union most of my life. Rugby has recently started to bore me though as I can't really find the motivation to do it anymore.
I've begun dabbling in other sports like MMA, however I'm not really built for this sport and I don't have the type of mindset needed to compete at a top level in this either.
I've been a keen gym goer for a numebr of years now, and this has led me to the point I'm at now. I am at my strongest in most lifts except back squat (due to a serious back injury in January of 2012 which has continued to hinder me up to and including right now).
I have become very interested in Olympic Weightlifting, and also strength training. I have always been a sort of social competitor in the gym until recently when I have been really focusing my efforts and becoming strong.
This is where the title of this blog comes from "making my decision". I have always struggled to decide in training whether to try to get big, get ripped, or get strong. Because of this my training constantly changes and I haven't achieved any of it. I'm relatively strong for being a genuine novice in strength training, I'm relatively big due to my genetics allowing me strong legs and a large frame, but I'm definitely not ripped.
Recently I have been training with an Amateur Strongman and it has really opened my eyes to the fact that genetically I am more gifted towards being strong. Whether I will ever compete is beyong me at this point but I am definitely focusing myself on becoming the strongest version of me that I have ever been.
As it stands, my best lifts (since back injury) are: Deadlift 200KGx1 Rep, Squat 160KGx1 Rep, Bench Press 135KGx1, Behind Neck Push Press 115KGx1.
Body Stats: Height 6ft 3in (191cm) Weight 115KG

So here starts my new blog, joureying into a new style of training for me and hopefully into a new lifestyle also.