Friday, 27 February 2015

Life is looking better

Don't you think its weird how sometimes things seem to swing massively?

2014 and 2015 have been like a giant seesaw for me, always up and down. 
Quins has been awesome, it's such a great experience and one that I wouldn't change - its just frustrating that at the moment we don't seem to be able to win a game. 

Love life has been excellent. Still going very strong with Rachael. She's now off travelling, currently in Abu Dhabi but on to Melbourne later today actually. She's going to be travelling Australia with some friends, lucky devil.

Work has been the thing that has been killing me. After leaving my bar job I started working on the door in a nightclub in Guildford, but then with my injury I had to stop. I've recently gone back and the entire door team has changed - but for the better. Before it was really clicky with too many people thinking they were the dogs bollocks. Its much better now, more fun.
But I started up Nitman Performance Training in September also. I have been working with some online clients, and hopefully with some collaboration with a friend this should pick up soon, but one-to-ones were slow.

Thankfully now things have taken a positive turn. First off there is the potential to go out to New Zealand in July to do a season in the ITM Cup with Northland. This would be absolutely sick so I hope it comes to fruition. 
And also now there is potential to work at Reach Fitness London alongside Rich Tidmarsh. He is pretty well known in the Fitness Industry in the UK, and trains some celebs etc. I met with him and we discussed options, and I am now undergoing a trial period which I will hopefully pass to become a member of the Reach Team. Which would be awesome!

So things are looking up - except for the punk who scraped the shit out of the side of my car. A-Holes.

Til' next time