Sunday, 6 April 2014

Promises, promises

In my last post I spoke about posting more often ... that was months ago! My bad!

I've just started up a fresh blog on here too with big news about my internship with Harlequins. So when I start down there I will be posting weekly with updates on what has been going on, and just showing people the daily life of an intern with a premiership rugby team.

My own training and stuff has been relatively mediocre of late. I spent a good 6-8 weeks focusing on Olympic lifting to pass a module in my UKSCA. I am now back to strongman training and trying the Cube Boss/Kingpin program for the first time. So far so good, I like the rotation of maximum, repetition, and speed work. Keeps me quite fresh which is nice. Give me another 7 weeks and hopefully we will see some PBs.

General life - things are looking up. I will be moving to Guildford in June for this internship. Which will mean I will be closer to my family which is nice. I will still be making regular trips back to Worcester (all going well) to see Naomi (my new girlfriend) and her daughter Lily, and just to make sure I don't lose contact with all my friends up here and with contacts that I would like to potentially go into business with following my internship journey.

So, again I will say that hopefully posts will be coming out more often but we shall see.