Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Moving forward

Long old time since I posted anything on this blog, but decided I would today. So here's the latest:

In case you weren't aware, I now work at East Grinstead rugby club, as the Head of S&C for the G-Force Squad, as well as managing their on-site gym facility G-Force Gym (formerly The Training Lab).
I'm enjoying this role, and it's good to have this set up to help build my business and push that further forward whilst also staying in rugby. I think that is the biggest perk of this role so far is that it is a double-header - I can push towards a career in rugby S&C, whilst also pushing my business and trying to make that bigger and a more thriving enterprise.

Outside of that I am training for the Olympic lifts, with a view to competing in Olympic Weightlifting later on this year, and also potentially get back into throwing in track and field. I used to throw discus and shot putt as a teenager and want to compete in something so figure that might be the way to go that doesn't take up loads of my time and can be trained by general strength and power (like weightlifting).

I'm also looking into doing an MSc in the future. At the moment I am looking outside of S&C as I've heard not such great things about those courses, so the one I am interested in currently is MSc Sport Rehabilitation at Middlesex University. It would be one-day a week if part-time, or two-days a week if full time. So it's something I may look at doing later this year.

The other good news recently is that I am back on the books at Breaking Muscle UK. I have been contacted by them and asked to contribute an article monthly to their site - so that is great news and I'm really looking forward to getting back into writing for them. It's a fantastic website with great authors so the chance to write amongst some famous names is awesome. Hopefully my work will be valued and read by a good amount of people, and potentially push towards more work with the business.

The online coaching is going well as well, with 2 new clients signing up last week. So I'm going to try give this a push over the comings months also.

Think that's about it for now - time for me to get ready to head into work.
Til next time

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