Monday, 8 June 2015

New beginnings

Today is the start of something new.

At 21:25 tonight, the 8th June 2015, I fly to New Zealand to begin a new journey.
Firstly I will be finally reunited with my girlfriend Rachael, and we're travelling the South Island for a few weeks.
Then the work starts as I head to Whangarei to work for Northland Rugby as the Assistant S&C.

This opportunity is something I cannot wait to begin. After finishing my internship year with Harlequins, this is now a step up in responsibility and another towards being where I want to be.

I'm quite fortunate in that I now have options when I finish also. My boss at Reach Fitness London, Rich Tidmarsh, has allowed me to keep my role open there for when I return to the UK, but then also there is always the chance of progression within Rugby so we will have to see what happens.

So here's to the future - let the fun begin!

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